About us

MFG – Mosaic Funeral Group Cape Town is one of the leading funeral service providers in the Western Cape. We are part of the Mosaic Funeral Group of Companies with more than 98 branches nationwide. Our staff are well trained, professional and able to bring you a custom made burial, cremation or repatriation service to fit your specific needs and economic situation. We are a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse company. There is no family or individual we are not willing or able to assist. We understand that different cultures have different requirements, we know about all the different dynamics involved, bringing more than 20 years of hard earned experience to the table.

MFG – Mosaic Funeral Group Cape Town pioneered the Eco-Friendly cremation coffin in the Western Cape! Where other companies refrained, we saw an opportunity not only to save the environment, but also to save your budget.



  • All our offices and servicing points have remained as is. All contact details stay the same.
  • The same employees will serve you!
  • Existing policy details stay the same. The same policy numbers, premiums, benefits, terms and conditions apply.
  • An exciting new look with new product offerings awaits all of us!!!

MFG – Mosaic Funeral Group of Companies is not affiliated to Martins Funerals Franchising in any way or form and is an independent company.