Exhumation is when a body is removed from a grave and relocated to a new grave. There will not always be a re-burial, as the remains may be cremated. Mosaic Funeral Group are experienced in exhumations and have done many exhumations for individuals, government and corporate entities. Permission must be obtained before an exhumation from:

  • Premier of the Provincial Government
  • The Council
  • Provincial Department of Health
  • Administrator of Cemeteries
  • Council’s Medical Officer of Health

The following terms must be adhered to in accordance with Removal of Graves and Dead Bodies Ordinance, Ordinance 7 of 1925:

  • The Commissioner of the Municipal Police service must be informed by the person executing the exhumation.
  • Graves older than 60 years or unknown will need approval from the South African Heritage Resource Agency.
  • Exhumations of these graves are to be done under the supervision of an accredited archaeologist.
  • To get the permits from the Provincial Government and SAHRA for unknown graves, there needs to be a full public Participation/Social consultation process recorded. This includes:
    • Newspaper ads in three local and provincial newspapers for a period of 30 days for response
    • The Council
    • On site notices for a period of 60 days
    • Door to door family interviews.

Once all permits and permissions are obtained a registered undertaker will be needed to do the re-burials.